Winged Warrior's Armor
Wing warriors
Rarity Uncommon Uncommon
Element Air
Maximum level 30
Craftable Yes
Fusable Yes
Level to unlock plus 10
Evolution levels 3 & 15
Match No match
Enhancement points 10 8
Stats Crafting
Base per Lv Max Crafting materials 4 Valhallan Steel Ingots
Regular Attack trans 127 +5 Attack trans 272 Materials found from Mighty Mammoth Rider
Defense trans 104 +4 Defense trans 220 Materials location Cold Rock Crags
Plus Attack trans 141 +7 Attack trans 344 Crafting cost 500 gold
Defense trans 115 +5 Defense trans 260 Crafting time 30 minutes

Wing Warrior's Armor is an Air Uncommon armor which is effective against water enemies and ineffective to earth enemies. It is recommended to be used as a material for fusing armor to get a rare armor or higher.

It is worth noting that Cold Rock Crags is the first place to obtain the crafting materials for this armor, not the only. There are several other bosses which can also drop Valhallan Steel Ingots

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