• Kuby101

    Hello everyone. Today I will be writing about my wikia experience in light of the recent contest.

    It all stated last May. I was on the wiki the first day it was made. This wiki was made since its old wikia's was full of spam and vandals. Yup no admins, no rules, no blocks, no ends. It was catastrophic. Then with the help with the staff DinoKev created the wiki. At first it was just me, him and another user, but the wiki spread like a disease. Right before my eyes, many users joined the wiki. I became the first rollback on this wiki on June 13th and 11 days later the first admin on the wiki. 

    But things did not look as happy as it seemed. I had been inactive for 2 weeks from the wiki. I thought everything would be normal when I come back but.…

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  • Kuby101

    Blocking revolution.

    January 12, 2014 by Kuby101

    Idea 1:

    Block Reason





    Block 3 Block 4
    Spam 1 day 1 week 1month Infinite
    Vandals 3 days 3months 1 year Infinite
    Sock-puppeting Infinite - - -
    Other (Doing 2 or more of the  "Block reasons") 1month 1 year Infinite -

    By "Block (1,2 ,3 ect)" meaning the same user doing the same thing. Intimidating behaviour/harassment falls in "Other"

    Idea 2:

    Block Reason Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
    Spam 1 week 1 month Infinite -
    Vandals 4 days 3 weeks Infinite -
    Sock-puppeting  Infinite - - -
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  • Kuby101

    Armor page revolution.

    December 31, 2013 by Kuby101
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  • Kuby101

    Profile Page Squad

    December 28, 2013 by Kuby101

    Do you have a boring profile? Do you want it to turn it into a awesome profile? Are you greeting excessive vandals on you profile page and want to protect it? Then the P.P.S (Profile page squad) is right for you.

    The PPS is right for you if.. { if you meet one if the qualifications than it is for you}
    • If you want to change your old profile page into a cool one.
    • If you have excessive vandals on your profile page
    • If you want to protect it

    Note: You can only protect you Profile Page if you have a vandal history on your page of OTHER users. if this is not the case then it is violating the Wikia's terms of use

    Post here to join/ request for a PPS

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  • Kuby101

    Knight fashion show

    December 9, 2013 by Kuby101

    Helloooo!!!!!!Welcome back to my new exclusive Knight fashion show. In this fashion show, you shall be posting your most exquisite, most strongest knight ever.Your knight will be put into the "Best Knight Ever" contest. Remember, I AM THE JUDGE. Please DO Not criticize ANYONE 's knight. The winner of the contest will receive this badge. Please post below in the comments. Good luck :). 

    And to all those who participated

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