KandD GSE Andy KandD GSE Andy 25 June 2014

Tips for the Game!

Hello to any who is reading this blog, today I will be teaching you tips about this game.

This will most likely help out the newer players, and this will be painfully obvious to Old Players.

So.... Let's begin!


Arena is a tournament like event that is implanted into the game as a way to challenge other players for points and rewards. I have some tips to get you more points in Arena.

Tip #1: Friend Battles: You can do friend battles once every 23 hours, you can get 20 points each victory, and 0 points if you lose. Here's a quick calculation of how many points you might get daily.

129 Friends.....129 x 20 = 2580. You can get a maximum of 2,580 points from friend battles, if you have 129 friends.

Tip #2: Patience is a Virtue!:

  • You can get one A…
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