Ok guys today I will be teaching you how to be more professional with your game and how to use arena to your advantage 

Step 1 fight in arena for a long time 2-5 weeks collect all the gems from arena dont spend any of them and do free gem offers while you are at it if you do this you will have about 100-800 gems a month

Step 2 Manage your gem use

for example  500 gems  

use 250 on war ( Note: only spend this for good guilds)

you have 250 gems left

use 40 gems to give you 50 epic boss energy this pretty much guarrentes a good head start to the plus version

you have 210 gems left

save at least 150 of these

you have 60 gems left

use these as you please

keep doing this until you have a total savings of 800 gems then upgrade buildings

contenue the process

keep doing this until you 800 gems extra

and spend them as you please by this time you have superior epic boss armors fusing materials and experience enjoy these tip