Stumbled upon this game through another GREE game's "install and run tutorial and get something free" link, ended up playing this game much more than the other one and was level 37 after just one week...

Playing on Android, in-game name "Marco", name on Gree's forum: "Marco_", LineID: marco-knd.

I'm working on some as of yet incomplete stuff in my sandboxes

edits where I forgot to log in: Special:Contributions/


I'm currently GM of the super casual android guild "Macross".

Other than my main and alt, all other accounts in the guild are now dead ones. I only farm milestones and now and then open some chests, since going on a top run is too much effort.

I'm the former theorycrafter/info digger/guild level grinder of the Majestic guilds on android (helped get Majestic, Majestic Alliance, Majestic Legion and Casually Majestic get to level 75) .

notable armorsEdit

(over 6k combined max stats or special)


crafting: Heroic Silvanus, Meditor Montem


crafting: Heroic Silvanus

wiki projectsEdit

  • Try to add the set of 3 evolutions x 2 genders images for as many armors as possible to the wiki. I have way too many screenshots, just need time to edit them all...

(and I'm right now more busy with another wikia: Pocket Knights)

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