aka Blando

  • I live in Utah.
  • My occupation is IT
  • I am Male


Hello! I've been playing KnD for just over 6 years. Guild Master on both Global and EU (Android only).

Line ID: mnebulae <-- if you want to reach me, that's the best way.

I'm also a bit of a nerd when it comes to stats and accuracy, so beware, I might edit the same page several times before I'm "happy" with it. :)

I did at one point have a list of my armors here, but it's too much work to maintain. I did spend money on the game at one point for about 6 months, but stopped and have been FTP (free to play) since.

My Guilds are as follows:

  • Global (BANG, part of LR):
    • Tekkadan Global ("TKN")
    • The Old Farts ("TOF")
    • WAR Angelz ("WAz") - Standing GM
  • EU (Indy/Independent - no alliance):
    • Tekkadan ("TKN")
    • Full Elite Kingdom ("FEK")

And I'm also the resident "stats nerd" for both Android and iOS -- and the guy who supplies the "Datamine" (sometimes called "armor leaks") for over 3 years now (as of September 2020) and I also create Stat Sheets that show what an armor's stats should be after being fully leveled/ascended (including Ring/Amulet stats). All of this information is stored on KnDbot -- reach out to me on Line (Line ID above) to get more information.

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