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I am a K&D player who has played since Wicker Warrior. 

Platform: iOS (Now Android)

<tabber> iOS Account=

Note: I do not have my iOS account right now! I gave it to my friend, since I no longer have an iOS account. Whenever I get an iOS Device, I will start using my iOS account again.

Friend Code: XBH-MGY-NBF


Currently at 60/71 Achievements.

My Achievements
  • First Epic Fusion: Blazeborne Vanguard  (Dark Prince + Swamp Shaman) 
  • Second Epic Fusion: Aegis of Sky Majesty (Armor of Glacius Level 70 + Wicker Mantle Lv3)
  • Third Epic Fusion: Blazeborne Vanguard (Hydromancer's Mantle+Celestial Dragonmail+)
  • Fourth Epic Fusion: Triskellion Wargear (Ruby Platemail + Featherblade Battlegear) 
  • First Chest Epic: N/A
  •  First Level 50 Epic: Blazeborne Vanguard (2014-04-03.)               
  • First Maxed Epic: Blazeborne Vanguard
  • First EB: Wicker Warrior
  • First EB Armour: Vesture of Frost 
  • First EB Armour+ : Wasp's Carapace
  • First Maxed Level Epic Boss Armour : Armor of Glacius
  • Epic Boss Achievement The Celestial Dragons - Beat all Dragons in 4 Days for the 43rd time (Beat Titan at 3:05:31:38)
  • First Lv 60 EB Kill: Morax, September 16th, 2014
Guild: Black Fairytails

Best Guild Rank (For Green Street Elite):  136 Man Vs. Monster 2014-05-26

Best Raid Rank (For Black Fairytails):  80 Scavenger Raid 2014-08-03

My Armours

Current and Used Armour Sets:                                                          

Armour Level Rarity Status
Aegis of Sky Majesty 99/99 Epic  Air Knight
Triskellion Wargear 56/99 Epic Main Knight
Vesture of Hastur+ 70/70 Legendary Spirit Knight
Culitst Wargear+ 70/70 Legendary Water Knight
Morax's Platemail+ x2 1/70 Legendary Inventory
Vesture of Smilodon+ 70/70 Legendary Earth Knight
Lilith Mantle+ 70/70 Legendary Fire Knight
Blood Robes+ 12/70 Legendary Fused
Vesture of Qarin+ 70/70 Legendary Inventory
Pestilence Mantle+ 70/70 Legendary Fused
Vortex Aegis+ 1/70 Legendary Fused
Blazeborne Vanguard 34/99 Epic Fused
Blazeborne Vanguard 99/99 Epic Fused
Celestial Dragonmail+ 1/70 Legendary Fused
Titan Battlegear+ 1/70 Legendary Fused
Lunar Vanguard+ 1/70 Legendary Fused
Starplate Aegis+ 1/70 Legendary Fused
Aegis of War+ 70/70 Legendary Fused
Krampus Mantle 70/70 Legendary Fused
Armor of Glacius 70/70 Legendary Fused
Raiment of Araknos 70/70 Legendary Fused

have gotten the + for..                                 

Wasp Carapace (Fused)

Vermax's Platemail (Fused)

Pestilence Mantle (Currently Using)

Aegis of War (Fused)

Death Shroud (Fused)

Lilith Mantle (Currently Using)

Vesture of Smilodon (Currently Using)

Unicorn's Salvation (Fused)

Cultist Wargear (Currently Using)

Vesture of Hastur (Currently Using)

Celestial Dragonmail (Fused)

Lunar Vanguard (Fused)

Starplate Aegis (Fused)

Titan Battlegear (Fused)

Vortex Aegis (Currently Using)

Vesture of Qarin (Currently Using)

Blood Robes (Currently Using)

Morax's Platemail x2 (Currently Using)

Manticore Wargear (Fused)

Epic Boss Progress:
Epic Boss Amount of Kills
Wicker Warrior  9
Abominable Snowman  11
Jack Frost - Winter Kings 15
Krampus - Winter Kings 15
Glacius - Winter Kings 15
Wraith Demon 15
Fire Drake 20
Desert Wurm 15
Typhoon Serpent  15
Nian  15
Razorwind Elemental  15
Redstone Titan  17
Dragon Wraith  17
Voodoo Priest  18
Void Sentinel  21
Nathair  21
Firewing Wasp - Creepy Crawlers 43
Vermax - Creepy Crawlers 43
Araknos - Creepy Crawlers 33
Chupacabra  34
River Golem  30
Pestilence - The Horsemen 43
War - The Horsemen 42
Famine - The Horsemen 35
Death - The Horsemen 41
Kanid 43
Cyclops 43
Lilith 43
Smilodon 43
Unicorn 43
Kaiju 43
Cthulhu 43
Hastur 43
Cosmos - The Celestial Dragons 43
Selene - The Celestial Dragons 43
Astrea - The Celestial Dragons 43
Titan - The Celestial Dragons 43
Rock Golem 43
Nereus 43
Qarin 43
Blood Mage 43
Morax 60!
Chromanticore 43
Kitsune 15

|-| Android Account= I started my Android account on September 21st of 2014

My First Epic Boss was the Chromanticore

I am currently Level: 149

I got 60/68 Achievements


Beat the Storyline: Lv51, October 15th, 2014

First Legendary from a Chest: Chupacabra Hide's+ October 15th, 2014

First Boss Collection Completed : The Halloween Boss Collection

First Epic Fusion: Forgestone Aegis - November 24th, 2014

First Lv50 Epic: Forgestone Aegis - November 27th, 2014

First Crafted Epic and Second Epic:Crystal Finmail

Third Epic:Primordial Hide (Saint's Battlegear + Abominable Platemail) December 26th, 2014

Fourth Epic: Sharksteel Mantle (Hydromancer's Mantle + Tortoishell Aegis) December 30th, 2014

Fifth Epic: Crystal WingGuard January 6th, 2015

Sixth Epic: Armor of the Komodo (Deep Dragon Mail + Bone Harvester's Garb) January 17th, 2015 Seventh Epic:Armor of the Komodo (Battlesuit Remnants + Eldritch Keeper's Robes) January 19th, 2015

Eigth Epic: Crystal Geoplate February 4th, 2015

Ninth Epic Blazestone Mantle (Deep Dragon Mail + Scorchstone Aegis) January 3rd, 2015

Tenth Epic Crystal Geoplate+ February 7th, 2015

Eleventh Epic Odin's Call

Twelfth Epic Armor of the Devoted

Thirteenth Epic Chaos Vanguard

8/8 Water Fragments

8/8 Air Fragments

16/16 Earth Fragments

First EB+: Saint's Battlegear+

My Armours

Current and Used Armour Sets:                                                          

Armour Level Rarity Status Ring Amulet
Primordial Hide 99/99 Epic Main Knight Luminous Stone of Endurance (+130 Atk, +11 Hp) Robust Necklace of Bravery (+133 Def, +18 Hp)
Forgestone Aegis 99/99 Epic Spirit Knight Robust Stone of Youth (+74 Def, +27 Hp) Fierce Necklace of Safety (+116 Atk, +37 Def)
Crystal Geoplate+ 38/99 Epic Earth Knight Shiing Stone of Bravery (+63 Atk, +30 Hp) Medallion of Grace (+52 Hp)
Sharksteel Mantle 99/99 Epic Water Knight Sturdy Claw of Skill (+137 Atk, +58 Def) Robust Necklace of Bravery (+70 Atk, +81 Def)
Blazestone Mantle 52/99 Epic Fire Knight Royal Stone (+46 Hp) Fierce Medallion of Rest (+113 Atk, +20 Hp)
Crystal WingGuard 78/99 Epic Air Knight Stinging Knuckle of Rest (+38 Atk, +10 Hp) Luminous Choker of Skill (+126 Atk, +10 Hp)


Armor of the Komodo Lv20/99 FUSED

Odin's Call Lv18/99 FUSED

Armor of the Devoted Lv99/99 FUSED

Crystal WingGuard Lv20/99 FUSED

Forgestone Aegis Lv20/99 FUSED

Santa's Nemesis Lv1/50

Ancient Dunemail+ Lv19/70 FUSED

Epic Boss Progress:
Epic Boss  Amount of Kills
Chromanticore 8 Kills
Kitsune 11 Kills
Pyrodemon 15 Kills
The Bride - Halloween 15 Kills
Alucard - Halloween 15 Kills
Crypt Walker- Halloween 15 Kills
Boogeyman - Halloween 15 Kills
Polaris 15 Kills
Temprus 15 Kills
Wukong 15 Kills
The Scarecrow 15 Kills
Kodiak - Winter Knightmare 21 Kills
Thunderhoof - Winter Knightmare 16 Kills
Emperor Tux - Winter Knightmare 19 Kills
Santa - Winter Knightmare 43 Kills
Spark Sorcerer 35 Kills
Keplie 28 Kills
Sphinx 43 Kills
Frog Prince 43 Kills
Silverback 43 Kills
Bow Maiden 36 Kills


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