• Administrators

    Administrators (or "admins" or "sysop") are trusted users, who are generally chosen by the community and also have access to the administrative tools.


    Please post below if you would like to be an admin. In order to qualify you must:

    • Have been a rollback for at least 2 months
    • Have made at least 100 quality edits on main namespace.
    • Have never vandalized or spammed.
    • Have never been blocked in any wiki.
    • Have some well-rounded knowledge about the game and wiki editing.

    Requesting For Adminship

    Once you posted your nomination request, you will be needing 3 more users to vouch for you within a week.

    • If this process isn't fulfilled, the nomination will be cancelled.
    • If 3 other users vouched for your request, then you will be going to an Administrator Discussion.
    • Sockpuppeting will resuilt in a cancellation ad all the perpetrators, blocked.

    Discussion Procedure

    • Upon receiving sufficient vouches, one of the Admin Team will open up a discussion thread for the possible promotion of the user. The user will be notified about the discussion thread once it is set up and opened.
    • Upon opening the discussion thread, community members are allowed to ask whatever questions they need to get an answer with, in terms of the user running for Administrator. The discussion thread will be opened for 1 WEEK.
    • Questions must be clear AND related to the Administrator's job.
    • The candidate is expected to answer pertinent questions.
    • RESPECT shall be the word of order at all time. Not agreeing with the candidate being possibly promoted does not allow someone to disrespect that person.
    • A failure from the candidate to answer a question for more than 48hrs during the discussion(candidate shall be expected to be active during the discussion process) will result in a cancellation of the possible Administrator selection.
    • After 1 week, the Admin team will evaluate the user's answers to any questions the community asked; determine whether the user is going to be a beneficial for the community if ever the Administrative Tools are granted. This will take 2 Weeks.
    • After 2 weeks of Staff Evaluation, a bureaucrat will then notify the user on his/her Message Wall whether he/she has been promoted for admin or not. A detailed reason will be provided in case the request is declined.


    If your administrator request is declined, you can only request for the position again after 1 Month.

    Reply Section

    All posts on this thread must only be related to the Administrator Request Thread. Any unrelated posts will be removed without prior notice. Only registered users can leave a comment and vouch.

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