• I am sorry for bothering u but Ijust spent $140 on gems so (1800 gems) I used all of them on chests I opened 109 and got no dragon forged armor I am super upset can u help me out some way?

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    • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Andy is just a Bureaucrat/Admin on this site, and this site is not maintained or updated by anyone from Gree, the makers of the game. ¬†Andy -- like all others on this site -- has no control over the game itself and cannot help you with the game itself at all. He may feel bad that you wasted that much money and gems on the game, of course, but that's about all he can do.

      Chests are -- and have always been -- a random chance. There is no guarantee that you will get anything out of them, which is why many people recommend that you not waste gems on chests and instead save them and go on a "push" in a Raid or War.

      If you feel a need to complain, contact Gree, since they are the owners of the game:

      Just so you know, Gree will likely not do anything for you either, since it was your decision to spend the money and gems on chests -- when they are not guaranteed (and really never have been unless you buy one of the 1000+ gem chests that say "guaranteed" in their descriptions).

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    • K thanks

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