• Bonaya  has received sufficient support for a possible Administrator selection. You can discuss this nomination here. 


    Administrators (or "admins" or "sysop") are trusted users, who are generally chosen by the community and also have access to the administrative tools.

    Administrator's Tools

    See Help:Administrators for an overview of advanced editing tools available to admins

    Administrators should not use their administrator powers to settle editing disputes; for example, to lock a page on a version he or she prefers in an editing dispute that isn't vandalism. Administrator powers should be used to help keep the wiki clear of vandalism, spam, and users who make malicious edits, but not for simple disagreements between users acting in good faith. Ideally an admin shouldn't be considered "in charge". The ideal admin is just someone who is trusted to have a few extra buttons and to use them for the benefit of the Wikia community.

    Administrator Traits One Should Have

    • A kind approach to fellow members of the community.
    • Is helpful to other members of the community by trying to answer questions or complaints.
    • Is familiar with basic editing in source mode on Wikia.
    • Has a well-rounded knowledge of the content in Knights and Dragons.
    • Is respected by other members of the community.
    • Is able to work well with others.
    • Seems like their contributions to the Knights and Dragons community would benefit with the administrator specific tools.

    Discussion Procedure

    • Upon receiving sufficient vouches, one of the Admin Team will open up a discussion thread for the possible promotion of the user. The user will be notified about the discussion thread once it is set up and opened.
    • Upon opening the discussion thread, community members are allowed to ask whatever questions they need to get an answer with, in terms of the user running for Administrator. The discussion thread will be opened for 1 WEEK.
    • Questions must be clear AND related to the Administrator's job.
    • The candidate is expected to answer pertinent questions.
    • RESPECT shall be the word of order at all time. Not agreeing with the candidate being possibly promoted does not allow someone to disrespect that person.
    • A failure from the candidate to answer a question for more than 48hrs during the discussion(candidate shall be expected to be active during the discussion process) will result in a cancellation of the possible Administrator selection.
    • After 1 week of discussion, the Admin team will evaluate the user's answers to any questions the community asked; determine whether the user is going to be a beneficial for the community if ever the Administrative Tools are granted. This will take 1 week.
    • After up to 2 weeks of Staff Evaluation, a bureaucrat will then notify the user on his/her Message Wall whether he/she has been promoted for admin or not. A detailed reason will be provided in case the request is declined.

    This discussion will remain open until September 23rd, 2014.

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    • I vouch

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    • Bonaya

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    • Bonaya, I have certain questions I would like to ask you.

      Why would you like to apply for the Admin role?

      How do you think this will impact the Wiki?

      What will you achieve with the new role?

      How will you do so?^

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    • Thanks for asking some questions Andy, I'll try to answer them as good as possible!

      Why would you like to apply for the Admin role?

      There are only 2 Administrators (excluding Frostee) at the moment. Both have two different timezones. I'm on this Wikia from Thuesday to Friday (8AM till 5PM) and seem to be the only moderator who is active at this times. This due to different timezones.

      How do you think this will impact the Wiki?

      The lack of an Administrator in my timezone can be difficult at some times. I've seen multiple people needing the help from an admin, but since Andy and EBCM were at sleep, those persons ended up at me. I do think people believe me more often when they see I'm an admin on this Wikia and do believe that people will ask me questions more often.

      What will you achieve with the new role?

      I'll archieve more happiness. Simply, because I love to advice, help out and fix problems. After all, it is my job in real life as well=]

      How will you do so?

      Same as I do now. Helping people out, making new pages, being active in the Chat, extract files to fill up empty spots, advice others, come up with new ideas for this Wikia, and above all, help to keep this Wikia a safe spot for all.

      I hope this kinda answered your questions Andy, and if you have more questions, feel free to ask. I don't mind to answer them!


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    • Howdy Bon!

      I'd like to ask:

      If you're comfortable with learning editing the MediaWiki?

      If you know the Knights and Dragons Wiki Policy fairly well and are able to enforce it?

      Would you know what to do if e.g. the wiki was under heavy spam-attack?

      I am very happy to see you apply, and will support you in this application fully =]

      FrosteeSnoman ContributionsTalk 09:19, September 17, 2014 (UTC)

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    • Heya Frost!

      I am comfortable with learning editing the MediaWiki. Actually, would love to learn about it!

      I do know the Policy, and if I'm not sure about something, I have made a html-link on my desktop to be able to search and read till I'm sure.

      First, I would find out who is spamming. Secondly, give this person a temporarily block. Last, delete all spam and depending on how much, how heavy and what kind of spam it is, decide for what period I'll block/ban this person(s) or warn them. As found in the policy:

      • Spam is superfluous content to the wiki and its community, and is most likely unrelated to those. Some examples of spam are: (i) advertisements; (ii) unnecessary code; (iii) "fake items" or other false articles; (iv) words, emotes or repetitive/excessive statements not pertinent to a topic. All spam will be deleted upon sighting and violators of this rule may find themselves banned for a period of time relative to the offense.


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    • Alright, say if for the second question what if it was multiple IP's spamming?

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    • Exactly the same. But then decide to warn/block multiple person(s) each by their own. One person may only be warned while the other may be blocked.

      If you mean multiple accounts using the same IP adress to avoid an block, which is Sock-Puppetry, I'll probably give that specific IP an IP-ban.


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    • Do you know much about the VSTF and what they do? 

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    • VSTF are volunteer Wikia Staff members who can be requested assistance if any help is needed with spammers. (Volunteer Spam Task Force)

      Let's take your example. If we need help with giving that person an IP-ban, we should ask the VSTF for assistance and report a spammer at the VSTF's.

      Correct me if i'm wrong and I'll take a better look at VSTF's.


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    • Alright, basically correct! =] If the wiki ever comes under a large scale attack from multiple IP's VSTF's can handle the issue and deal with it 100x quicker than admins (and can aid in prevention). =]

      Another question, do you view yourself as open minded to the community and their opinions/ideas/suggestions? 

      Would you be able to hold community discussions for legitimate topics/suggestions?

      Are you confident in handling issues between users (or between staff members)?

      FrosteeSnoman ContributionsTalk 10:13, September 17, 2014 (UTC)

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    • Sorry for the late response, was having lunch/break =]

      Ofcourse I'm open minded for any suggestions/ideas/opinions. I would love to discuss about it an maybe even make it happen!

      Everyones opinion, topic or suggestion should be handled the same. I treat people like I like to be treated.

      Yes I am confident in handling issues between users and/or staff members. Can't really answer that question other than yes, I am.


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    • It seems to me that we need another admin, and bonaya seems to know what to do, I shall vouch for him (:

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    • Awesome =] 

      I am very happy with your behavior on the wiki and moderating skills, so I have no further questions for now.

      FrosteeSnoman ContributionsTalk 06:29, September 18, 2014 (UTC)

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    • Thank you =]

      If anyone has any further questions, feel free to ask them!


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    • I am satisfied with Bonayas answers :)

      I cannot think of any questions at the moment, but I will reply if I think of one.

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    • Oh yes, I forgot about this thread, as the general crowd supports Bonaya, he has moved onto his evaluation.

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    • Congrats to Bonaya

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    • Yay! Go bonaya!

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    • A FANDOM user
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