An in-game picture of Gwen.

Gwen is a sorceress that aids the player character on their journey in the game. She is the first character you meet and directs you through the tutorial at the beginning of the game.


Gwen and Morgan attended Wizard School together until Morgan dropped out. According to Gwen, she graduated from the top of her class in wizarding school. Her favorite wand was given to her by her parents after this.


Gwen is a young woman with blond pigtail braids and light blue eyes. She has elven ears. She is always dressed in what seems to be wizard attire, a dress with what seems to be some sort of chain mail under a red sash. She wears a green cloak at all times, and her in-game avatar is always holding a ball of magic while she is speaking. She wears leather gloves as well.


Gwen is very kind and studious. She is a bit of a know-it-all and is incredibly devoted to the art of wizardry, stating once that she had 4 dozen wands.



Judging from Gwen's in-game dialogue, she has both a mother and a father (Merlin). She has at least one younger sister, as evidenced by Gwen letting(making) Artie use her "Younger sister's wand" when trying to teach Artie magic during one of the game quests. Her family seems to be close to her, considering that she treasures her wand from her parents as the most important of her forty eight wands.


Morgan and Gwen are both friends, and the two of them went to wizarding school together until Morgan dropped out. Seeing as Gwen graduated from the top of her class, she often patronizes Morgan a bit without realizing it. She doesn't put much value on the practice of Armorsmithing, and she considers Morgan to be too uneducated to be able to help her with her incantations. It's her unknowing patronizing that causes a tiny bit of strain on their relationship, though the two of them are still friends. The quest series Hot Tempers is based off of this strain between the two of them and creates a confrontation between the two of them on this. By the end of the quest series, the two of them have made up and become friends again.