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Gold has a vital importance in Knights and Dragons. It is used to craft and fuse armor, buy and fill in expansions, create guilds, earn certain achievements, and buy items in the shop. Gold can be contributed to guilds.


  • Arena
    • Leaderboard Ribbon (30.000-180.000 Gold)
    • Milestone Rewards (75.000, 115.000 Gold)
  • Chance Chests
    • Silver Chest
  • Daily Bonus (Day 2: 250 Gold)
  • Epic Bosses
    • Damage Leaderboard Reward
    • Victory Rewards
  • Guild Wars
  • Quest completion
  • Revenue from Buildings
    • Fountain
    • Guard Tower
    • Cathedral
    • Tavern
    • Crystal Conservatory
    • Dungeon
    • Training Field (best for passive playstyle)
    • Monster Nest (best for active playstyle)
  • Selling Buildings (20% of purchase price)
  • Shop Purchase
  • Receiving gems from free gem offers when the daily free gem limit of 30 has already been reached results in earning 100 gold



  • Upgrading a building doesn't only upgrade the maximum Gold it can store like the game shows on the "Upgrade" popup, but it also proportionally increases the building's Gold per hour rate.
  • You can buy Gold with real money at the Shop
    • There is also a discount pack containing Gems as well.

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