Fire Fusion Boost Armor2

Fire Fusion Boost Armor

Fusion boost armors (FBA) exist for each of the five elements. They are intended for use in enhancing other armors. The exist in Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary and Epic variations. They can be found in Fusion Boost Chests, or obtained by contributing gold to your guild and in Raid milestone rewards. In a recent Guild Wars update, you can obtain 2 random fusion boost armors by doing the most damage (or defeating) the opposing guild's guardian if their guardian is level 7.

FBA's are not recommended for combining; they do appear to count the same as any armor of the same rarity for combining purposes, but if you do combine it (and are lucky), you may get some great armor.

Enhancement pointsEdit

No Match Match
Fusion Boost Armor (2 Star) 135 162
Fusion Boost Armor II (3 Star) 450 540
Fusion Boost Armor III (4 Star Legendary) 1080 1296
Fusion Boost Armor IV (5 Star Epic) 2250 2700


For Epic and above rarities of armors, use FBA for upgrading on level 60 and above.

Because of the high Enhancement Value, using FBA's saves you gold by the reduced use of Enhancement Slots. Enhancement Slots increase in price with the level of the armor to be enhanced, and on higher levels (above level 60) using a FBA can save you up to 150,000 gold. It makes sense to delay using it as long as possible, because the higher the level of the armor to be enhanced, the more gold it saves you.

Save FBA to enhance better armor but do not use it on weaker/lower level armor. FBA's are found in chests and can be obtained by rewards (guild wars, tournaments, etc.).

Since FBA has very low attack and defense stats it should not be used for fighting, however it will do extra damage and give extra points when battling in Guild Wars and Blitz Wars.

The higher rarity the FBA, the more Enhancement points the armor gains (and therefore the faster you can upgrade your armor).



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