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Epic Boss -- Reloaded

Starting on September 5th, 2018, the Epic Boss reward system has been revamped again, this time allowing players to "tier up" a free Shadowforged armor. Each month, a new armor is given to players in a login event (in September, it is the Zircon Squallsuit, which is identical in looks to the Sapphire Squallsuit), and throughout that month, there are 1050 new "Morgan's Tokens" per Epic Boss (700 in the milestones alone, 350 additional in the final "top player" rewards) that players can use to "tier up" the armor from the base (T1) up to the maximum of T20.


100 "Morgan's Tokens" are required to craft each Air/Air Dragonforged "Epic Boss Upgrade" combine armor, also costing 30k gold and taking 2 minutes to craft. 19 are required to "tier up" the T1 armor up to T20. Therefore, 1900 total "Morgan's Tokens" are necessary (19 x 100) to get the armor to T20. The Ring/Amulet Set are 50 "Morgan's Tokens" each, so the grand total (per armor) is 2000 total "Morgan's Tokens" to have the armor to T20 and have the matching Ring/Amulet Set. Additionally, the "Morgan's Tokens" to "tier up" the armor are the same from each Epic Boss, and do not change from month to month, therefore they can be used for any armor from any month. A player getting all the possible "Morgan's Tokens" each week would have about an excess of 2000+ Morgan's Tokens per month/season.

NOTE: After crafting each Epic Boss Upgrade armor, players must combine that armor with the T1 to get a T2, craft another and combine it with the T2 to get T3, etc. DO NOT use it to enhance the T1 armor.

Morgan's Token

The "classic" Epic Boss epic armors will remain for now, but it is unclear if they will continue to be craftable in the future. And lastly, the Epic Boss milestones will now only go up to 151 (formerly 200).

In addition, the old Boss Collections events are revived in a way by having a string of collect opportunities for having certain tiers of the armor in your inventory. For the first month/season the following are the collect opportunities:

Requirement Reward
Zircon Squallsuit T1 Air Fusion Boost Armor II x2
Zircon Squallsuit T5 Air Fusion Boost Ring II x3, Air Fusion Boost Amulet II x3
Zircon Squallsuit T10 Air Fusion Boost Armor III x2, Air Fusion Boost Ring III x2, Air Fusion Boost Amulet III x2
Zircon Squallsuit T15 Air Fusion Boost Armor IV x1, Air Fusion Boost Ring IV x1, Air Fusion Boost Amulet IV x1, Silver Coins x1
Zircon Squallsuit T20 Water Artifact x1 (Season 26 Exclusive Shard), Silver Coin x3
Zircon Squallsuit T20, previous month's T20 (N/A) N/A

It seems that the crafting material reward will be current season, while the boost armors and jewelry will likely be one element behind. (last season)

Boss Collection rewards need to be collected at the listed armor tier. If the armor is tiered up beyond the unlock armor tier it looks like it will no longer count for the collect and likely locks you out of the further rewards too. 1

Note that the Rewards were revamped later due to issues with players retrieving rewards at the various tiers (T1, T5, T10, etc. -- it wasn't functioning as intended), so now players only need that month's T20 for the first reward, and if players have both the current month and the previous month's T20, they qualify for a second reward.

Leaderboard Rewards

For the Leaderboard rewards for this new type of Event, the final rewards (based on final rank) are as follows (this also included the Leaderboard rewards for the last Epic boss prior to this new event type starting):

Leaderboard Week 3+

  • T1: 350 "Morgan's Tokens"
  • T2-T10: 220 "Morgan's Tokens"
  • T11-T25: 100 "Morgan's Tokens"
  • T26-T100: 70 "Morgan's Tokens"
  • T101-T250: 60 "Morgan's Tokens"
  • T500-T251: 50 "Morgan's Tokens"
  • T1000-T501: 20 "Morgan's Tokens"

Leaderboard Week 1-2

  • T1: 350 "Morgan's Tokens"
  • T2-T10: 220 "Morgan's Tokens"
  • T11-T25: 100 "Morgan's Tokens"
  • T26-T100: 60 "Morgan's Tokens"
  • T101-T250: 40 "Morgan's Tokens"
  • T500-T251: 20 "Morgan's Tokens"

Milestone Rewards

The rewards for the various milestones (levels) are as follows; this is only relating to "Morgan's Tokens":

Milestones Week 3+

Milestone Reward Sum total Weeks until T20 + jewelry
7 TICKET.png x20 20 100
13 TICKET.png x20 40 50
20 TICKET.png x20 60 33.33
30 TICKET.png x20 80 25
40 TICKET.png x20 100 20
50 TICKET.png x50 150 13.33
60 TICKET.png x50 200 10
70 TICKET.png x100 300 6.67
85 TICKET.png x75 375 5.33
100 TICKET.png x75 450 4.44
120 TICKET.png x100 550 3.64
151 TICKET.png x150 700 2.86

Milestones Week 1-2

Milestone Reward Sum total
30 TICKET.png x10 10
40 TICKET.png x20 30
60 TICKET.png x30 60
70 TICKET.png x40 100
85 TICKET.png x60 160
100 TICKET.png x80 240
120 TICKET.png x160 400
151 TICKET.png x250 650

This brings the grand total (in milestones only) to 700 "Morgan's Tokens" per Epic Boss (650 in weeks 1-2).

Further details can be found here and here.

Epic Boss -- Reloaded Armors

Name Elements Release Date How To Obtain Maxed T1 Stats Maxed T20 Stats Images
Spinel Power Fire.pngWater.png 2021/09/04 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 13813/11924 19352/16540 Henks Soul-M-EVO2.png
Expunger Dimension Water.pngAir.png 2021/08/04 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 13176/12003 18561/16773 Cancer Awareness Tribute-M-EVO2.png
Adamanti Battler Air.pngEarth.png 2021/07/04 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 12549/12060 17780/16984 Trixxs Soul-M-EVO2.png
Plateholder Malefactor Earth.pngSpirit.png 2021/06/06 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 10645/13564 15066/19298 Jims Tribute-M-EVO2.png
Dire Dimension Spirit.pngFire.png 2021/05/06 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 11009/12613 15728/18049 Soul of Vandium-M-EVO2.png
Time Guardian Fire.pngWater.png 2021/04/06 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 13196/9797 19022/14126 Kozs Soul-M-EVO2.png
Timeworn Keeper Water.pngAir.png 2021/03/09 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 12086/10551 17522/15270 Snipess Soul-M-EVO2.png
Dragonhide Tunic Air.pngEarth.png 2021/02/04 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 11551/10849 16782/15773 Kushs Soul-M-EVO2.png
Shadowsnarl Earth.pngSpirit.png 2021/01/04 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 10456/11547 15277/16881 Soul of Beans-M-EVO2.png
Spinel Junket Spirit.pngFire.png 2020/12/04 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 12376/9304 18172/13663 Alphas Tribute-M-EVO2.png
Controlled Void Fire.pngWater.png 2020/11/04 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 12190/9163 17986/13522 Kozs Soul-M-EVO2.png
Endless Watcher Water.pngAir.png 2020/10/04 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 11109/9802 16515/14551 CynSylJoshs Legacy-M-EVO2.png
Caligo Reformed Air.pngEarth.png 2020/09/04 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 9602/10918 14447/16428 Inquisitorem Caligo.png
Sound of Malice Earth.pngSpirit.png 2020/08/03 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 9466/10763 14311/16273 GoodLookinBrads Age-M-EVO2.png
Immersed Edge Spirit.pngFire.png 2020/07/03 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 9266/10536 14111/16046 Williams Soul-M-EVO2.png
Elemental Garbs Fire.pngWater.png 2020/06/04 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 10392/8908 15978/13677 Steefs Soul-M-EVO2.png
Adamant Twilight Water.pngAir.png 2020/05/04 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 9606/9171 14888/14244 Kerstins Tribute-M-EVO2.png
Dukun Spear Air.pngEarth.png 2020/04/03 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 7969/10187 12529/15982 Blandos Tribute-M-EVO2.png
Inscribed Custodian Earth.pngSpirit.png 2020/03/02 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 7660/9795 12220/15590 Soul of MPL-M-EVO2.png
Obsessed Ruiner Spirit.pngFire.png 2020/02/02 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 8043/8734 13021/14111 Rauls Soul-M-EVO2.png
Marked Wyrmhunter Fire.pngWater.png 2020/01/02 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 8519/7845 13896/12823 Brads Legacy-M-EVO2.png
Amazed Finspinner Water.pngAir.png 2019/12/05 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 8198/7549 13575/12527 Josers Soul-M-EVO2.png
Cursed Blast Air.pngEarth.png 2019/11/06 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 6597/7679 11366/13265 Matts Soul-M-EVO2.png
Candy Basher Earth.pngSpirit.png 2019/10/06 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 6310/7343 11079/12929 Brads Soul-M-EVO2.png
Cocyta Recoil Spirit.pngFire.png 2019/09/06 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 6707/6385 11989/11458 Spirit Of The Island-M-EVO2.png
Implord Charger Fire.pngWater.png 2019/08/06 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 6501/5981 11878/10959 Wanteds Soul-M-EVO2.png
Blast Incrustation Water.pngAir.png 2019/07/06 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 6120/5631 11497/10609 Blast Incrustation-M-EVO2.png
Shamanic Avenger Air.pngEarth.png 2019/06/05 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 5331/5795 10309/11172 Onyx Skyward-M-EVO2.png
Beaststalker Aspect Earth.pngSpirit.png 2019/05/05 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 4758/5345 9622/10836 Beaststalker Visage-M-EVO2.png
Burnwill Sword Spirit.pngFire.png 2019/04/05 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 4594/4222 9971/9200 Burnwill Lance-M-EVO2.png
Tidehold Mail Fire.pngWater.png 2019/03/06 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 4345/3757 9931/8526 Summertide Mail-M-EVO2.png
Tidesurge Scaleguard Water.pngAir.png 2019/02/06 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 4046/3716 9423/8694 Slipstream scaleguard.png
Sorcerous Skyshield Air.pngEarth.png 2019/01/05 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 3818/3506 9195/8484 Shamanic Skyshield-M-EVO2.png
Accipitris Display Earth.pngSpirit.png 2018/12/05 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 3439/3640 8512/8922 Accipitris Array.png
Shadeburn Point Spirit.pngFire.png 2018/11/05 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 3618/3137 9204/7906 Shadeburn Scimitar-M-EVO2.png
Scorched Beastguard Fire.pngWater.png 2018/10/05 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 3310/3122 8592/8195 Scalded Fiendguard-M-EVO2.png
Zircon Squallsuit Water.pngAir.png 2018/09/05 Monthly Gift (Epic Bosses) 3368/2611 9163/7171 Sapphire Squallsuit-M-EVO2.png


The Jewelry for the armors is available at the armorsmith, costing TICKET.png x50, 1 gold and no time per ring or amulet to craft. The jewelry will likely remain craftable until a few months after each event and then be removed from the armorsmith. 2


For weeks 1 and 2, this epic boss rework seems to have removed the guaranteed 5 boss energy drops at 3 and 5 wins. They returned in week 3. Random epic boss energy drops did/do still happen.