Epic Armors are one of the most powerful armors in the game, only to be surpassed only by Dragonforged and Shadowforged armors. There are currently about 168 Epic armors in the game. They possess 5 cyan colored stars and were first introduced to the game on 24th July 2013. These armors can be obtained in Chance Chests, Fusion, Guild Wars, Arena, Raid Bosses, Epic Bosses, and Heroic Mode. The Plus (+) version of an epic armor is only available in chests, or crafted if it was from an epic boss or heroic event.

One other noteworthy feature is that all epic armors have their own animated 'aura' or particle effect. Examples include: Arborsteel Vanguard, which has bubbles seemingly forming out of the hammer; Moontide Platemail, which appears to sparkle in select places; and Forgestone Aegis, which has a sort of burning aura emanating from its clawed gauntlet and cleaver-like sword.

Starting with the Epic Boss Magician, all Epic Bosses now have craftable Epic armors.

Starting on July 12th, 2016, the Epic Boss Magician has returned, and there is a new tier for Epic Boss Armors. You can now craft the ++ version of the armor.  For further details on new Epic Armors and their respective stats, please see the new page New Epic Armor. Updates will be there from this point forward.

Epic Armors

Name Elements Release Date How To Get Maxed Normal Stats Maxed Plus Stats Images
Avian Stormguard Air 2016/07/05 Epic Boss 1992/1792 2181/2080
Avian Stormguard
Frozen Peltgear AirWater 2016/06/28 Epic Boss 1789/1985 1977/2272
Frozen Peltgear
Genbu Platemail EarthWater 2016/06/21 Epic Boss 1982/1782 2269/1970
Genbu Platemail
Royal Craftgear SpiritFire 2016/06/14 Epic Boss 1977/1777 2263/1964
Royal Craftgear
Labrys' Vanguard FireWater 2016/06/07 Epic Boss 1972/1772 2159/2058
Labrys vanguard
Glamr Garb AirSpirit 2016/05/31 Epic Boss 1769/1965 1955/2250
Glamr garb
Ivory Wargear SpiritEarth 2016/05/24 Epic Boss 1962/1762 2247/1948
Ivory wargear
Aegaeon Ward Water 2016/05/17 Epic Boss 1957/1757 2241/1942
Aegaeon ward
Chrysalis Pupaplate FireEarth 2016/05/10 Epic Boss 1952/1824 2137/2036
Chrysalis pupaplate
Vanguard de Milo SpiritWater 2016/05/03 Epic Boss 1749/1945 1933/2228
Vanguard de milo
Avarice Banegear Fire 2016/04/26 Epic Boss 1942/1742 2225/1926
Avarice banegear
Nettled Thornrobes AirEarth 2016/04/19 Epic Boss 1937/1737 2219/1920
Nettled thornrobes
Mosaic Vanguard SpiritFire 2016/04/12 Epic Boss 1932/1732 2115/2014
Mosaic vanguard
Lotus Platemail AirFire 2016/04/05 Epic Boss 1724/1930 2005/2113
Lotus platemail
Tapered Warpelt Spirit 2016/03/29 Epic Boss 1719/1925 1900/2206
Tapered warpelt
Ostara's Embrace EarthWater 2016/03/22 Epic Boss, Fusion 1719/1915 1900/2195
Ostaras embrace
Gilded Scalegear FireEarth 2016/03/15 Epic Boss 1912/1712 2093/1992
Gilded scalegear
Sonic Gemplate AirWater 2016/03/08 Epic Boss 1907/1707 2087/1986
Sonic gemplate
Time's Embrace SpiritEarth 2016/03/01 Epic Boss 1702/1902 1882/2181
Times embrace
Hippogryph Armament Air 2016/02/23 Epic Boss 1697/1897 1876/2175
Hippogryph armament
Feathered Wyrmhide AirSpirit 2016/02/16 Epic Boss 1892/1692 2071/1970
Feathered Wyrmhide
Kaito's Charm Fire 2016/02/09 Epic Boss 1783/1791 1961/2069
Kaitos charm
Epoch Platemail AirEarth 2016/02/02 Epic Boss 1801/1763 2179/1840
Epoch platemail
Garuda's Might FireAir 2016/01/26 Epic Boss 1668/1886 2042/1965
Garudas might
Vulpes Cosmoplate SpiritFire 2016/01/19 Epic Boss 1862/1682 2038/1959
Vulpes cosmoplate
Dryope's Vengeance Earth 2016/01/12 Epic Boss 1798/1736 1977/2008
Dryopes vengeance
Manitou Platemail WaterAir 2016/01/05 Epic Boss 1763/1761 1939/2036
Manitou platemail
Orcus Blazegear FireEarth 2015/12/29 Epic Boss 1817/1699 1988/1977
Orcus blazegear
Nutcracker's Vengeance FireWater 2015/12/22 Epic Boss 1852/1652 2027/1926
Nutcrackers Vengeance
Royal Mousegarb SpiritWater 2015/12/15 Epic Boss 1746/1748 1920/2021
Royal Mousegarb
Illuminated Yulegear EarthWater 2015/12/08 Epic Boss 1721/1763 1893/2038
Illuminated Yulegear
Frosted Faeplate Air 2015/12/01 Epic Boss 1837/1637 2010/1909
Frosted Faeplate
Midnight Scaleguard Spirit 2015/11/24 Epic Boss 1732/1732 1895/2014
Midnight Scaleguard
Shaderoot Shroud SpiritEarth 2015/11/17 Epic Boss 1796/1678 1964/1933
Shaderoot Shroud
Vaporous Mistmail AirWater 2015/11/10 Epic Boss 1731/1733 1893/1994
Vaporous Mistmail
Wonderous Waistcoat Fire
2015/11/03 Epic Boss 1777/1657 1944/1931
Wonderous Waistcoat
Mask of the Lantern FireSpirit 2015/10/27 Epic Boss 1870/1554 2047/1818
Mask of the lantern
Mask of the Reaper AirEarth 2015/10/20 Epic Boss 1648/1766 1812/2041
Mask of the reaper
Mask of the Swamp Water 2015/10/13 Epic Boss 1545/1859 1807/2036
Mask of the swamp
Mask of Salem FireEarth 2015/10/06 Epic Boss 1855/1539 2030/1801
Mask of salem
Bolstered Ironstrait WaterSpirit 2015/09/29 Epic Boss 1849/1535 2024/1795
Bolstered ironstrait
Ascalaphus' Featherrobe Air 2015/09/22 Epic Boss 1646/1728 1810/1999
Ascalaphus featherrobe
Anzû's Call FireWater 2015/09/16 Epic Boss 1555/1809 1819/1980
Anzus call
Baphomet's Chosen AirSpirit 2015/09/09 Epic Boss 1828/1526 2000/1787
Baphomets chosen
Infernal Devilplate Fire 2015/09/02 Epic Boss 1793/1551 1962/1815
Mechanized Vanguard Spirit Earth 2015/08/25 Epic Boss 1648/1686 1812/1953
Mechanized Vanguard
Grizzly Tideclaws EarthWater 2015/08/18 Epic Boss 1794/1530 2062/1692
Billabong Battlegear
Grovekeeper's Robes Earth 2015/08/11 Epic Boss 1534/1780 1795/1949
Gravekeepers Robes
Warduke's Raiment FireAir 2015/08/04 Epic Boss, Raid Bosses, Guild War 1640/1664 1804/1929
Wardukes Raiment
Count's Regalia Spirit 2015/07/28 Epic Boss 1605/1689 1765/1956
Counts Regalia
Baron's Joustgear Earth Air 2015/07/21 Epic Boss, Fusion 1763/1521 1930/1780
Barons Joustgear
Twilight Ripperguard Water 2015/07/14 Epic Boss 1519/1755 1778/1921
Twilight Ripperguard
Tusked Duelgear FireEarth 2015/07/07 Epic Boss 1705/1559 1964/1724
Tusked duelgear
Keratin Featherguard Air 2015/06/30 Epic Boss 1532/1722 1793/1885
Keratin featherguard
Fragmented Prismgarb AirWater 2015/06/23 Epic Boss 1501/1743 1661/2006
Fragmented prismgarb
Skeletal Screamplate FireSpirit 2015/06/16 Epic Boss 1737/1497 1999/1656
Skeletal screamplate
Voidbane Wargear SpiritEarth 2015/06/09 Epic Boss 1732/1492 1896/1749
Voidbane Wargear
Tarnished Spiremail EarthWater 2015/06/02 Epic Boss, Fusion 1488/1726 1745/1888
Tarnished Spiremail
Boiling Scaldplate FireWater 2015/05/26 Epic Boss 1709/1495 1870/1753
Boiling Scaldplate
Searing Vulcanplate Fire 2015/05/19 Epic Boss, Fusion 1590/1604 1749/1863
Searing Vulcanplate
Dybbuk Shroud Spirit 2015/05/12 Epic Boss, Fusion 1724/1460 1896/1705
Dybbuk Shroud
Scarab Carapace Earth Air 2015/05/05 Epic Boss, Fusion 1380/1794 1518/2072
Scarab Carapace
Hinkypunk Robes Spirit Air 2015/04/28 Epic Boss, Fusion 1392/1773 1531/2049
Hinkypunk Robes
Selkic Seacloak Water 2015/04/21 Epic Boss, [[[Fusion]] 1610/1448 1878/1691
Selkic Seacloak
Crystal Shadowgear Spirit Air 2015/04/21 Heroic Mode 1946/1985 2140/2282
Crystal Shadowgear
Cinderspike Regalia Fire Earth 2015/04/14 Epic Boss, Fusion 1308/1840 1547/2014
Cinderspike Regalia
Crystal Ethermail Spirit Water 2015/04/08 Heroic Mode 1972/1940 2169/2233
Crystal Ethermail
Galeforce Wargear Air 2015/04/07 Epic Boss, Fusion 1506/1534 1765/1785
Galeforce Wargear
Conjured Battlegear Water Spirit 2015/03/31 Epic Boss, Fusion 1536/1496 1788/1753
Conjoured Battlegear
Crystal Dragonmail Fire 2015/03/31 Heroic Mode 1927/1966 2119/2261
Crystal Dragonmail
Ancestor's Regalia Fire Spirit 2015/03/22 Raid Bosses, Heroic Mode 2034/2347 2346/2571
Ancestors Regalia
Shell-shocked Battleplate Earth Water 2015/03/20 Heroic Mode, Chance Chests, Fusion 2260/2100 2575/2319
Shell-shocked Battleplate
Technomancer Armor Fire Water 2015/03/17 Guild Wars, Chance Chests, Heroic Mode 2095/2265 2413/2478
Technomancer Armor
Crystal Devilplate Spirit 2015/03/10 Heroic Mode 1829/2059 2021/2354
Crystal Devilplate
Rockplate Wargear Earth 2015/03/10 Chance Chests, Fusion 2181/2168 2498/2384
Rockplate Wargear
Manipulator's Soulplate Spirit Air 2015/03/08 Chance Chests, Raid Bosses, Heroic Mode 2230/2147 2443/2470
Manipulators Soulplate
Gunslinger's Trappings Air Water 2015/03/05 Chance Chests, Fusion, Heroic Mode 2097/2262 2415/2478
Gunslingers Trappings
Dervish's Regalia Fire Spirit 2015/03/02 Guild Wars, Fusion, Heroic Mode 2162/2118 2477/2329
Dervish's Regalia 1
Dread-pirate Finery Water Earth 2015/02/22 Raid Bosses, Heroic Mode 2085/2328 2303/2649
Dread-Pirate Finery
Clockwork Metalguard Fire 2015/02/20 Chance Chests, Fusion 2077/2215 2393/2426
Clockwork Metalguard copy
Explorer's Piecemail Fire Earth 2015/02/16 Guild Wars, FusionHeroic Mode 2216/2056 2427/2370
Explorers Piecemail
Angelic Battlemail Fire Air 2015/02/08 Raid Bosses, Heroic Mode 2234/2170 2457/2486
Angelic Battlemail copy
Brightwind Platemail Air 2015/02/05 Chance Chest, Fusion 2216/2081 2526/2299
Brightwind Platemail
Robes of the Jackal SpiritAir 2015/02/02 Guild War, Fusion, Chance Chest 2064/2156 2379/2361
Robes of the Jackal copy
Centauric Blazeguard Earth Fire 2015/01/23 Raid Bosses, Fusion, Heroic Mode 2066/2290 2282/2608
Centauric Blazeguard copy
Poseidon's Vestments Water 2015/01/21 Chance Chest, Fusion 2118/2086 2428/2294
Poseidon's Vestments copy
Crystal Geoplate Earth 2015/01/20 Heroic Mode 2076/1808 2372/1998
Crystal Geoplate copy
Overgrown Lifeplate Spirit Earth 2015/01/19 Guild Wars, Fusion, Heroic Mode 2203/2030 2512/2242
Overgrown Lifeplate copy
Chaotic Hellguard Spirit Water 2015/01/11 Raid Bosses, Fusion, Heroic Mode 2202/2145 2422/2458
Chaotic Hellguard copy
Summoner's Garb Fire Spirit 2015/01/05 Guild Wars, Fusion 2159/2030 2365/2341
Summoner's Garb copy
Kirin Vanguard Air Water 2014/12/28 Raid Bosses, FusionHeroic Mode 2150/2120 2365/2431
Kirin Vanguard copy
Crystal WingGuard Air 2014/12/24 Heroic Mode 2117/1721 2308/2011
Crystal WingGuard
Judges Platemail Air Fire 2014/12/19 Chance Chest, Guild War, Fusion 2266/1847 2482/2140
Judges Platemail
Performer's Wargear' Earth 2014/12/12 Chance Chest, Fusion 2054/2074 2259/2393
Performer s Wargear
Raptor Embrace Air Earth 2014/12/12 Raid Bosses, FusionHeroic Mode 2222/2030 2444/2332
Raptor Embrace
Robes Of Permafrost Air Water 2014/12/07 Guild WarsFusion 2307/1873 2517/2179
Robes of Permafrost
Glacial Regalia Water Spirit 2014/12/05 Chance Chest, Fusion, Raid Bosses 2064/2096 2280/2394
Glacial Regalia
Vargar Raiment Fire Water 2014/11/30 Raid Bosses, Fusion, Heroic Mode 2096/2090 2305/2398
Vargar Raiment-0
Primordial Hide Earth 2014/11/25 Chance Chest, Fusion 1920/2160 2121/2465
Primordial Hide-0
All-Seeing Aegis Fire Water 2014/11/20 Chance Chest, Fusion, Guild Wars 2004/2096 2214/2394
All-Seeing Aegis
Black Chromatic Mantle Starmetal 2014/11/20 Guild Wars 1924/1753 2096/2047
Black Chromatic Mantle
Crystal Finmail Water 2014/11/18 Heroic Mode, Fusion 1944/1836 2118/2138
Crystal Finmail
Minos Wargear Earth Spirit 2014/11/16 Raid Bosses, Fusion 2068/2017 2274/2416
Minos Wargear-0
Magebane Aegis Spirit 2014/11/14 Chance Chest, Fusion 2282/1804 2500/2093
Magebane Aegis
Tacticians Regalia Air Earth 2014/11/06 Chance Chest, Fusion 1982/2054 2180/2358
Tacticians Regalia copy
Voidwalker's Shelter Spirit Air 2014/11/09 Guild Wars, Fusion, Boss Collection 2022/2069 2224/2374
Voidwalkers Shelter
Royal Battlegear Spirit Fire 2014/11/03 Raid Bosses, Fusion, Boss Collection 2090/1952 2398/2147
Royal Battlegear
Ashenfire Robes Fire Earth 2014/10/28 Chance Chest, Fusion 2118/1922 2296/2224
Ashenfire Robes copy
Dragonkin Platemail Earth Water 2014/10/21 Guild Wars, Fusion 2224/1810 2436/2099
Dragonkin Platemail copy
Wingstorm Battlegear Air 2014/10/09 Chance Chest, Fusion 1890/2142 2088/2445
Wingstorm Battlegear copy
Scorpius Mantle Air 2014/10/13 Raid Bosses, Arena, Fusion, Heroic Mode 2048/1970 2351/2167
Scorpius Mantle
Sharksteel Mantle Water 2014/09/26 Chance Chest, Fusion, Arena 2128/1852 2429/2047
Sharksteel Mantle
Bonesaw Carapace Fire Spirit 2014/09/28 Guild Wars, Fusion 1726/2260 1918/2565
Bonesaw Carapace
Undead Robes Spirit Earth 2014/09/12 Chance Chest, Fusion 1994/1982 2292/2180
Undead Robes
Rivenborn Aegis Water 2014/09/15 Raid Bosses, Fusion, Heroic Mode 2018/1934 2318/2127
IDK2 zpsfdb86ccf
Naga Platemail Spirit Water 2014/09/01 Guild Wars, Fusion 1910/2018 2101/2318
Naga Platemail
Armor of the Peacock Air Water 2014/08/22 Chance Chest, Fusion 1800/2124 1989/2425
Armor of the Peacock
Sauric Platemail Fire 2014/08/25 Raid Bosses, Fusion 1940/1970 2134/2266
Sauric Platemail
Firestorm Vanguard Fire Air 2014/08/15 Chance Chest, Fusion, Heroic Mode 2116/1810 2317/2099
Firestorm Vanguard
Harlequin Roguegear Fire Water 2014/08/18 Guild Wars, Fusion 2122/1798 2423/1987
Ronan StarRobes Air 2014/08/05 Chance Chest, Fusion 1964/1892 2259/2081
Ronan StarRobes
Wasteland Platemail Spirit 2014/08/04 Raid Bosses, Fusion 1886/1940 2074/2233
Wasteland Platemail
Ravage Shieldplate FireEarth 2014/07/25 Chance Chest, Fusion, Arena 1952/1910 2246/2101
Ravage Shieldplate
Gold Chromatic Mantle Starmetal 2014/07/17 Chance Chest 1460/1460 1705/1606
GoldChromatic zps05863a62
Guardian Wargear Air Earth 2014/07/21 Guild Wars, Fusion 1782/2070 1970/2366
Guardian Wargear
Horde Wargear Earth 2014/07/07 Raid Bosses, Fusion 2050/1780 2245/2066
Horde Wargear
Chaos Vanguard Spirit 2014/07/03 Chance Chest, Fusion 1856/1946 2041/2239
Chaos Vanguard
Earthwarden's Shroud SpiritEarth 2014/06/27 Chance Chest, Fusion 2038/1762 2231/2047
Earthwardens Shroud
Flameguard Platemail Fire 2014/06/19 Chance Chest, Fusion 1868/1940 2054/2233
Flameguard Platemail
Champion's Battlegear EarthWater 2014/06/17 Guild Wars, Fusion 2044/1768 2238/2053
Champions Battlegear
Stormwatch Raiment Water 2014/06/09 Guild Wars, Fusion 1868/1886 2153/2074
Stormwatch Raiment
Odin's Call Earth 2014/06/13 Chance Chest, Fusion 1880/1868 2167/2054
Odins Call
Dragonborn Aegis FireSpirit 2014/05/30 Chance Chest, Fusion 1752/1992 2036/2181
Dragonborn Aegis
Stalwart Vanguard SpiritEarth 2014/05/26 Guild Wars, Fusion 1704/1992 1884/2280
Stalwart Vanguard
Demortuis Robes SpiritAir 2014/05/21 Chance Chest, Fusion 1972/1756 2159/2040
DeMortuis Robes
Apocalypse Platemail FireWater 2014/05/12 Guild Wars, Fusion 1862/1832 2147/2015
Apocalypse Platemail
Triskelion Wargear FireAir 2014/04/31 Chance Chest, Fusion 1776/1623 2260/1904
Triskelion Wargear
Revelation Robes SpiritWater 2014/04/28 Guild Wars, Galaxy Gems, Fusion 1802/1892 1982/2180
Revelation Robes
Arclite Shroud FireEarth 2014/04/10 Guild Wars, Fusion, Chance Chest 2046/1596 2230/1874
Arclite Shroud
Cryptid Wargear AirEarth 2014/04/08 Chance Chest, Fusion 1942/1684 2126/1961
Cryptid Wargear
Centurion Aegis Water 2014/03/26 Chance Chest, Fusion 1698/1944 1877/2227
Centurion Aegis
Silver Chromatic Mantle Starmetal 2014/03/31 Guild Wars 1370/1370 1507/1606
Silver Chromatic Mantle
Sol Vanguard Fire 2014/03/17 Guild Wars, Fusion 2046/1506 2230/1775
Sol Vanguard
Arcane Mantle Spirit 2014/03/07 Chance Chest, Fusion 1888/1690 2066/1967
Arcane Mantle
Aquatic Battlegear WaterEarth 2014/02/27 Chance Chest, Fusion 1662/1932 1838/2214
Aquatic Battlegear
Snowstorm Platemail Water Air 2014/03/03 Guild Wars, Gwen and the Gemograms, PvP Arena, Fusion 1796/1796 1975/2074
Snowstorm Platemail
Specter's Shroud SpiritAir 2014/02/21 Chance Chest, Fusion, Raid Boss 2054/1460 2229/1734
Specter's Shroud
Hellfire Platemail FireSpirit 2014/02/17 Guild Wars, Mo Money, Mo Gems, Mo Armor, Fusion, Raid Bosses 1572/1920 1838/2102
Hellfire Platemail
Armor of the Komodo Earth 2014/02/01 Chance Chest, Fusion 1888/1690 2165/1868
Armor of the Komodo
Cyclone Chainmail Air 2014/02/01 Guild Wars, Gemnado, Fusion 1504/2050 1773/2235
Cyclone Chainmail
Sandstorm Platemail EarthAir 2014/01/16 Chance Chest, Fusion, Arena 1554/1812 1818/1983
Sandstorm Platemail
Runic Robes FireEarth 2014/01/18 Guild Wars, Fusion 1930/1418 2103/1678
Runic Robes
Bronze Chromatic Mantle Starmetal 2013/12/29 Guild Wars 1280/1280 1507/1408
Bronze Chromatic Mantle
Druidic Platemail Earth Spirit 2013/12/25 Chance Chest, Fusion, Arena 1646/1646 1909/1810
Druidic Platemail1
Kerstman's Shroud Fire Air 2013/12/09 Guild Wars, Fusion 1389/1886 1646/2054
Kerstmans shroud
Blazestone Mantle Water Fire 2013/12/01 Guild Wars, Arena, Chance Chest, Fusion 1882/1385 2050/1642
Blazestone Mantle
Arborsteel Vanguard Water Earth 2013/11/28 Chance Chest, Fusion 1351/1762 1604/1918
Arborsteel Vanguard
Northerner's Battlegear Water 2013/11/14 Chance Chest, Arena, The Horsemen Boss Collection 1904/1357 2074/1611
Northerners Battlegear
Armor of the Devoted Spirit 2013/10/28 Guild Wars, Arena, Fusion 1750/1496 1915/1754
Armor Of The Devoted
Soulshard Necromantle Spirit Water 2013/10/14 Guild Wars, Arena, Halloween Boss Collection 1826/1326 2087/1478
Soulshard Necromantle render
Aegis of Sky Majesty Air Fire 2013/10/10 Chance Chest, Fusion, Arena, Guild Wars 1650/1452 1904/1607
Sky maj render
Beastmaster Battlegear Spirit Air 2013/09/30 Chance Chest, Fusion, Holiday Gems-travaganza, Guild Gifting 1552/1552 1707/1806
Beastmaster render
Forgestone Aegis Fire Spirit 2013/09/16 Guild Wars, Fusion, Arena 1649/1521 1804/1673
Maelstrom Irons Water Air 2013/09/13 Chance Chest, Fusion, Arena, Guild Gifting 1786/1388 1944/1536
Maelstrom render
Tectonic Mantle Earth 2013/08/29 Chance Chest, Fusion, Arena, Guild Gifting 1312/1855 1463/2010
Tectonic mantle
Cloudrange Platemail Water Air 2013/08/19 Guild Wars, Arena, Referral Rush, Guild Gifting, Fusion 1348/1581 1492/1739
Blazeborne Vanguard Fire 2013/08/10 Chance Chest, Fusion, Referral Frenzy, Arena, Guild Gifting 1654/1459 1809/1604
Moontide Platemail WaterSpirit 2013/07/24 Chance Chest, Fusion, Arena 1434/1287 1587/1435
Moontide Platemail

Epic Armor TiersEdit

Each Tier is based on an armor's strength relative to the Epic Boss Armor+, normal Heroic Mode Armors, and the Heroic Mode Armors+. Tier 1 Armors are worse than the newest Epic Boss Armors+. Tier 2 Armors are worse than the newest Normal Heroic Mode Armor. Tier 3 Armors are noticeably worse than the newest Heroic Mode Armor+. Tier 4 Armors are still worse than the newest Heroic Mode Armor+, but not by too much. Tier 5 Armors are better than the newest Heroic Mode Armor+.

Placement on tiers is based on total stats of an armor's Regular Version. The fact that double-element armors get an extra boost from guild bonuses is also taken into account; as a result mono-element armors need higher base stats to be in a tier. For example, lets assume a Guild has all 6% element boosts, then compare Primordial Hide (mono-Earth), Crystal Finmail+ (Heroic Mode Armor+), and Ashenfire Robes (Fire/Earth). Primordial Hide has 4080 base plus a guild boost of 6% = 4325; Crystal Finmail+ has a base of 4256 plus a guild boost of 6% = 4511; Ashenfire Robes only has a base of 4040 but gets two 6% boosts = 4524; therefore Primordial < Finmail + < Ashenfire; therefore Ashenfire is in Tier 5 because it is better than a Heroic+, but Primordial is not.

NOTE: the number in brackets in front of an armor indicates its "RANK." The higher the rank number, the better the armor. RANK is based on the assumption that your Knights' guild has 6% boosts in all elements. For stronger guilds, double-element armors will be higher ranked than they are on this list. For weaker guilds, mono-element armors will be ranked higher than they are on this list. Rank Formula:

  • Mono-Element Armor: Total Stats * 1
  • Double-Element Armor: Total Stats * 1.06 (accounts for extra 6% from guild boost)
  • Kaleidoscopic Armor: (Attack * 1.5 + Defense) * 0.94 (accounts for kaleidoscopic effect and no guild boost)

Proto TierEdit

Proto Tier Epics are considered the weakest Epics in the game. Only two Epics are part of this group, Moontide Platemail and Cloudrange Platemail. Moontide, being the first Epic ever released, is widely known as the worst Epic in the game. Cloudrange holds the title for worst Guild War Epic, it being the First Guild War Epic (Not Forgestone Aegis as many people believe). Both Epics have a Stat Total that is lower than 3000 (Regular Version). Both of these armors also use their first evolution helmet as their Avatar look.

Fusible Epics in this Tier:

Non-Fusible Epics in this Tier: N/A

First Tier - Worse than Epic Boss Armors+Edit

The First Tier of epics are now called "replaced", as the newer Epic Boss Armors+ have greater stats. These epics are generally not worth leveling. Double-element armors in their tier have less than 3200 total stats; mono-element armors in this tier have less than 3300. Starting from Armor of the Devoted, these Epics started using their second evolution form as their avatar.

REFERENCE: Shapeshifter's Regalia+ (3253) - all armors in Tier 1 are worse than this armor

Fusible Epics in this Tier:

Non-Fusible Epics in this Tier:

Second Tier - Worse than Normal Heroic Mode ArmorsEdit

The Second Tier armors are generally decent Epics, but have since lost some usefulness because they have lower stats than the Normal Heroic Mode Armors. Double-element armors in this tier have total stats of 3200 - 3600; mono-element armors in this tier have total stats of 3300 - 3850. The Tier Two Epics have been been appearing very frequently Guild Wars (Top 25), Arena and Gem Events. This Tier introduced many different variations of Epics and Elements.

REFERENCE: Crystal WingGuard (3838) - all armors in Tier 2 are worse than this armor

Fusible Epics in this Tier:

Non-Fusible Epics in this Tier: N/A

Guild War/Raid Exclusives in this Tier: N/A

Third Tier - Noticeably Worse than Heroic Mode Armors+Edit

The Third Tier armors are generally well known Epics. These are generally good epics. However, the Heroic Mode Armors+ are noticably better (with a stat total of 4200+). Double-element armors in thie tier have a stat total of around 3600 - 3800; mono-element armors in this tier have a stat total of 3850 - 4020.

REFERENCE: Crystal Geoplate+ (4370) - all armors in Tier 3 are noticeably worse than this armor

Fusible Epics in this Tier:

Non-Fusible Epics in this Tier: N/A

Craftable Epics in this Tier:

Guild War/Raid Exclusives in this Tier:

Fourth Tier - Worse than Heroic Mode Armors+Edit

The Fourth Tier armors are very good epics. Double element-armors in this tier have a stat total of around 3800 - 4050; mono-element armors in this tier have a stat total of 4020 - 4300. Currently, the Fourth Tier includes the best fusible epics.

REFERENCE: Crystal Geoplate+ (4370) - all armors in Tier 4 are worse than this armor

Fusible Epics in this Tier:

Non-Fusible Epics in this Tier: N/A

Guild War/Raid Exclusives in this Tier:

Fifth Tier - Better than Heroic Mode Armors+Edit

The Fifth Tier is currently the newest tier. This tier houses armors that are superior to the Heroic Mode Armors+. The double-element epics in this tier have a total combined stat of 4050+; the mono-element epics in this tier have a combined stat total of 4300+. These are the best armors in the game. Currently, only two armours in this tier are fusible.

REFERENCE: Crystal Geoplate+ (4370) - all armors in Tier 5 are better than this armor Fusible Epics in this Tier:

Non-Fusible Epics in this Tier: N/A

Craftable Epics in this Tier:

Guild War/Raid Exclusive Epics in this Tier:

Sixth Tier - Regular Version is superior to Heroic Mode Armors+ and have above 4400 Total Stats Edit

The Sixth Tier is currently the newest tier that houses armors that have their regular versions superior to the Heroic Mode Armors+. The double-element epics in this tier have a total combined stat of 4400+.These are the best armors in the game. Currently, none are fusible.

REFERENCE: Crystal Devilplate+ (4375) - all regular version of the armors in Tier 6 (without guild boost) are better than this armor in its plus version .

Fusible Epics in this Tier:

Guild War/Raid Exclusive Epics in this Tier: N/A

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