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The DevaEdit

The Deva is a epic boss that is available to fight between June 21st to June 27th. It is a Fire/ Spirit boss. It is strong against Spirit/Earth types. However, it is weak against Water/Fire types.If one gets 50 deva crowns then they can craft the deva's special armor which is the Pyromancer's Mantle. The deva is a fire type boss in commemoration of solstice day and it came along with the solstice chest. The Deva's fire type means how hot, burning and long solstice day is. It also shows that the Deva leaves on solstice day ( June 27th) you can get the following loot if you beat it all 60 times:3 potions 3 silver chance chest keys 10 enchanted chest keys 9 gems 57,500 gold and 5 dark prince keys.

The Deva's attack values were much higher than the previous bosses.  At first this was thought to be a one-time special, like the Twin Jian.  However, the next two bosses had the same stats, so this appears to be the "new normal."  See Epic Boss Stats for details.