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The Dark Prince's Chest is a permanent Chance Chest in Knights and Dragons. It is a good resource for starting players because of its ability to give the player Super rare and above armor, for 10 GemsIcon. The Dark Prince's Chest gets unlocked when players completes the Tutorial and have at least three Friends. Keys for this chest can be earned via competing in the PVP Arena, special offers and defeating the epic boss. As of September 20th, 2014, the Dark Prince Chest has been revamped. It now offers a high chance at getting Legendary Armor, and offers newer Epic Boss Armors.

The Dark Prince's Chest was revamped again in August/September 2017 to include Epic Boss Armors and even a couple of Shadowforged Armors, such as the Aqueous Bounty and the Titan's Yieldmail.

Possible RewardsEdit

Full armor sets! Super Rare and above Guaranteed!



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