Dual Element Armors are armors with more than one element. They are effective against two elements, but are weak to two elements. They retain their strengths and weaknesses of their individual elements, but added together. For instance, a fire/air armor would be strong against water armor, but weak to it, as well. This is due to air's strength against water, but fire's weakness to water. Interestingly, some armors are strong against and weak to the same element. In this case, they will deal neutral damage to their own elements.

If a dual type armor is attacked by only one of the elements it is weak to, the damage will be multiplied by 1.5 (or increased by 50%). In the case that one dual type armor is attacked by another dual type armor, in which it is weak to both elements, for example, a water/earth attacking a fire/air, it will do 2x (increased by 100%) damage.

Armor Type Strong Against Armors Using Weak to Armors Using Neither
FireSpirit SpiritEarth WaterFire Air
FireEarth SpiritAir WaterSpirit FireEarth
SpiritEarth EarthAir FireSpirit Water
SpiritAir EarthWater FireEarth SpiritAir
EarthAir AirWater SpiritEarth Fire
EarthWater AirFire SpiritAir WaterEarth
AirWater WaterFire EarthAir Spirit
AirFire WaterSpirit EarthWater AirFire
WaterFire FireSpirit AirWater Earth
WaterSpirit FireEarth AirFire WaterSpirit

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