Burning Brawl is an arena tournament, dated January 9th - January 16th 2014.

Rank RewardsEdit

Tier Ranking Rewards
Black Medal # 1 1x Blazeborne Vanguard+, 24x Fire Fusion Boost Armor, 20x Fusion Stones, 80x Gems
Gold Medal # 2 1x Blazeborne Vanguard, 22x Fire Fusion Boost Armor, 14x Fusion Stones, 60x Gems
Silver Medal # 3 1x Blazeborne Vanguard, 20x Fire Fusion Boost Armor, 12x Fusion Stones, 40x Gems
Bronze Medal # 4-10 1x Scorchstone Aegis+, 16x Fire Fusion Boost Armor, 8x Fusion Stones, 25x Gems
Ribbon A # 11-50 1x Scorchstone Aegis, 14x Fire Fusion Boost Armor, 6x Fusion Stones, 20x Gems
Ribbon B # 51-100 1x Scorchstone Aegis, 12x Fire Fusion Boost Armor, 4x Fusion Stones, 18x Gems
Ribbon C # 101-200 3x Scorchstone Aegis, 3x Armor of the Infernal Lord, 2x Fusion Stones, 360,000 Gold
Ribbon D # 201-500 2x Scorchstone Aegis, 3x Armor of the Infernal Lord, 16x Gems, 240,000 Gold
Ribbon E # 501-1,000 1x Scorchstone Aegis, 3x Armor of the Infernal Lord, 14x Gems, 160,000 Gold
Ribbon F # 1,001-2,500 3x Armor of the Infernal Lord, 4x Steam Wizard's Robes, 12x Gems, 105,100 Gold
Ribbon G # 2,501-3,500 2x Armor of the Infernal Lord, 3x Steam Wizard's Robes, 10x Gems
Ribbon H # 3,501-5,000 1x Armor of the Infernal Lord, 2x Steam Wizard's Robes, 210,000 Gold
Ribbon I # 5,001-7,500 1x Armor of the Infernal Lord, 10x Gems, 140,000 Gold
Ribbon J # 7,501-10,000 8x Silver Key, 6x Gems, 90,000 Gold
Ribbon K # 10,001-25,000 4x Silver Key, 6x Gems
Ribbon L # 25,001-50,000 6x Gems, 120,000 Gold
Ribbon M # 50,001-75,000 4x Gems, 60,000 Gold


  • Fired Up 1
    • Win 5 Ranked PVP Battles.
    • Rewards: 5000 Gold, 5150 XP
  • Fired Up 2
    • Win 7 Streak Battles in the Arena before your streak timer runs out.
    • Rewards: 5000 Gold, 5150 XP
  • Fired Up 3
    • Get 1000 Tournament Points.
    • Rewards: 5000 Gold, 5150 XP, 5 Gems


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