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Blazestone Mantle
Blazestone Mantle
Rarity Epic Epic
Elements WaterFire
Maximum level 99
Craftable No
Fusable Yes
Level to unlock plus n / a
Evolution levels 20 & 50
Match No match
Enhancement points 180 150
Stats Crafting
Base per Lv Max Crafting materials n / a
Regular Attack trans 706 +12 Attack trans 1882 Materials found from n / a
Defense trans 601 +8 Defense trans 1385 Materials location n / a
Plus Attack trans 776 +13 Attack trans 2050 Crafting cost n / a
Defense trans 662 +10 Defense trans 1642 Crafting time n / a
Plus+ Attack trans ? +? Attack trans ?
Defense trans ? +? Defense trans ?


Blazestone Mantle is an Epic Water/Fire Armor. This armor is obtainable as a reward in both the Android and iOS versions of Guild Wars, Holiday Havoc (Nov. 28 – Dec. 1, 2013).The 1st place guild received the plus version, and 2nd through 10th place receive the regular version.  It is also obtainable from the Tournament, Deadly Decay, The 1st Place person received the +, and the 2nd and 3rd person received the Normal Version. It is effective against Fire/Spirit types but ineffective against Water/Air Types.

Obtained byEdit

  • Chest: reward for opening 80 Arcane Chest at the same time (The + version)
  • Holiday Havoc Guild War
    • 1st place received the + version of the armor.
    • 2nd through 10th place received the regular version of the armor.
  • Tournament Arena - Deadly Decay (5.8.14-5.15.14)
    • 1st place received the + version of the armor
    • 2nd & 3rd place received the regular version of the armor



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