Basic Water Armor
Rarity Common Common
Element Water
Maximum level 30
Craftable Yes
Fusable No
Level to unlock plus 10
Evolution levels n/a
Match No match
Enhancement points 6 4
Stats Crafting
Base per Lv Max Crafting materials 3 Water Shards
Regular Attack trans 80 +2 Attack trans 138 Materials found from Water monsters
Defense trans 80 +2 Defense trans 138 Materials location Thieves Cove
Plus Attack trans 88 +3 Attack trans 175 Crafting cost 300 gold
Defense trans 88 +3 Defense trans 175 Crafting time 5 minutes


The Basic Water Armor is a Common Water type armor. It is effective against Fire types but ineffective against Air types. The armor can be crafted using 3 Water Shards.



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